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in Microdermabrasion Systems

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Most powerful & clinically effective

The most requested non-invasive aesthetic procedure today!

Genesis Biosystems is the global leader in skin resurfacing with thousands of systems installed into aesthetic businesses worldwide. Our microdermabrasion systems are the most powerful and clinically effective on the market today, ensuring the highest level of patient and client satisfaction.

Derma Genesis® Medical features:

  • Crystal & Crystal-Free Skin Resurfacing Technology
  • A Powerful System
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Independent Vacuum & Crystal Flow Controls
  • High Flow Fluidics Designed with Advanced Pneumatics for Optimal Performance
  • Precise Analog Vacuum Flow Gauge
  • Ergonomic Dual-Mode Hand Piece with Dual-Lumen, Color-Coded Tubing Set
  • “Start-Up Kit” of Disposable Crystal Delivery and Crystal-Free Face and Body Tip Caps
  • Plug-n-Peel™ Closed Canister System with Micro Filtration (Better than HEPA)

Eliminate downtime in your office, as our microdermabrasion systems are engineered to provide the highest reliability in the industry.

Our PLUG-N-PEEL™ system features:

1 revolutionary “all-in-one” crystal supply, micro air filter and waste control system
2 simply PLUG into the side of the machine and PEEL
3 pre-packaged and sealed, eliminating the filling of crystal canisters and the exposure to biohazardous waste
4 designed with a built-in handle for easy installation and removal utilizing lightweight, disposable canisters

Microdermabrasion benefits your practice because:

  • offers a low cost of entry
  • delivers high revenue generation
  • has a rapid return on investment
  • easily trained
  • treatments provided by an aesthetician or an assistant
  • introduces patients to additional aesthetic treatments

Proven to be clinically effective for:

  • dry or oily skin
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • sun damaged skin
  • hyperpigmentation
  • acne prone skin
  • Comedone removal
  • scar tissue reduction

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