LipiVage® improves the quality
and simplifies the process of fat harvesting.

How does LipiVage® work?

Tubing is connected to an aspirator and the vacuum level is set. The transfer adapter is removed and the recommended aspiration cannula is attached. Fat is harvested for approximately one minute and then fluids are drained for a few seconds. Fat is then transferred into injection syringes using the transfer adapter supplied. The plunger tip is used to wipe the inner walls clean in between harvests. Harvesting steps are repeated for additional fat if needed.

Fat cells collect in the filter chamber suspended within the harvester body. Fat cells are gently pulled toward the inner walls of the filter and are collected along the length of the filter in front of the blue plunger tip, while fluids wash through.

Once inside, the fat is gently concentrated as a tumescent fluid and removed. Fluid and oils pass through the fat and the filter walls and are carried to the waste receptacle via the tubing set. Due to low vacuum, there is very little oil present because fewer fat cells are damaged during harvesting.

After fluids are drained, the concentrated and cleaned fat is immediately ready for injection. The unique LipiVage® plunger tip design gently wipes the fat from the inner filter walls and transfers the fat as the plunger is pushed forward gradually.

Unique Features of LipiVage®:

Twist-Lock Cannula Connection (available with LipiVage® Kit only): The disposable cannula twists, clicks and locks for greater stability while harvesting.

Cannula Harvesting Design (available with LipiVage® Kit only): New configuration ensures constant vacuum even when harvesting superficially.

Universal Tubing Connection: Tubing is held tightly in place with the new graduated fitting.

LipiVage® Prepares Fat Cells for Lasting Results:

  • Closed, sterile system
  • Gentle on fat cells; uses low vacuum
  • No centrifuge required
  • No need to pour off liquids or oils after harvesting
  • Fat is immediately ready for transfer by injection syringe
  • Disposable; no sterile processing required

Your patient’s fat is the only all-natural, permanent filler…
Why use anything else?

Harvesting A Better Way:

Gentle: LipiVage® minimizes cell damage by gently harvesting fat at low vacuum levels(1). Standard syringe harvesting cannot do this.

Protects Fat Cells: The products protect fat cells by sparing them from the damaging g-forces of centrifugation(2,3), a common method used to separate fat from fluids.

Saves Time: Both products allow the user to separate and concentrate fat cells within the device while harvesting. Harvested fat is ready to transfer and inject immediately.

Washing Option:LipiVage® allows for washing of the harvested fat is desired, simply place the harvesting cannula in the washing solution of choice with the aspirator in the on position the solution will wash through the fat and exit the filter to the waste canister leaving the washed fat within the filter ready for injection.