Aesthetic Advances: Leading aesthetic treatment experts reveal the latest advances in surgical and non-surgical procedures that are innovating the industry by Dhav Naidu – Mindfood Magazine (Australia), March 2015

Micro Needling by Shyma Elkholy – JACQ Magazine, Spring 2015

Advanced Anti-Aging Techniques: Non-Invasively Repair and Revitalize Skin by Jeffrey Frentzen – The Aesthetic Guide, November/December 2014

Featured ArticleMEDIcalSPAS, September 2014

Breaking the Barrier: Transepidermal delivery of topicals is gaining ground in aesthetic medicine by Linda W. Lewis – MedEsthetics, September 2014

Is Microneedling Really the Next Big Thing? by Wendy Lewis – Plastic Surgery Practice, July 2014

DermaFrac™ Fractional Infusion Technology (FIT) featured by theInternational Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) – April 2014

DermaFrac™ Turning Back The Hands Of Time by Louis Silberman –InWithSkin MagazineJuly 2011

DermaFrac™ in Europe and Dubai: Dr. Martin Kassir recently introduced DermaFrac™ to audiences in Europe and Dubai in a recent lecture tour. Read the article here.

Deeper Treatments for Gorgeous Summer Skin – The Skinny – July 2011

Read the Review of DermaFrac™ – The Consulting Room magazine – May 2011

The London College of Beauty Therapy chooses DermaGenesis microdermabrasion machines because they “have a reputation second to none for reliability and performance.” Click here to read the article. – June 7, 2010

Press Releases

DermaFrac™ Press Release

NEW! Accelafuze™ Combination Therapy System – January 28, 2008
Genesis Biosystems announces their new Accelafuze™ Combination Therapy System for sale worldwide.

NEW! High Volume LipiVage™ System – Aug 08, 2006
Genesis Biosystems announces their new High Volume LipiVage™ System for use in fat transfer procedures that require more than 100cc’s of fat.


Abstracts & Clinical Information

Science at Your Fingertips – Skin Inc. – December 2009
Anti-aging skin care is consistently progressing, and skin care professionals who once relied on simple emulsions now enjoy less irritating, and more sophisticated and effective creams.
“The Next Generation of Peptides” by Lydia Sarfati

Where Microdermabrasion is Going – MedEsthetics Magazine – May 2009
“Scratching” by Rada K. Tierney

Infusion Solutions – MedEsthetics Magazine – July/August 2008
“Beyond the Barrier” by Rada K. Tierney

Skin Rejuvenation – Nov 10, 2006
Skin Rejuvenation Chapter: Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Intense Pulsed Light Overview as cited in the 2006 2nd Edition medical textbook Maxillofacial Surgery

The Efficiency of Capturing True Reaction Times in Tissue – Aug 17, 2006
ABSTRACT: “The Efficiency of Capturing True Reaction Times in Tissue” by Patrick J. Clark, A.A.S., C.M.L.S.O.

Documented Concerns of Traditional Fat Harvesting Methods – Aug 15, 2006
LipiVage™ Resource Document: “Documented Concerns of Traditional Fat Harvesting Methods” by Chris Jackson

White Papers

Accelafuze™ Combination Therapy System



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