Plug-n-Peel™ Closed Canister Microdermabrasion System

Plug n Peel

Our new Closed Canister Microdermabrasion System is an “All-in-One” Crystal Supply, Micro Air Filter (Better than HEPA), and Waste Control System – Simply “PLUG” into the side of machine and “PEEL”! Pre-packaged and sealed, no more pouring crystal in and out of canisters:

  • Easy-View, Lightweight Canister is Disposable
  • Sealed Biohazard Waste Control
  • Built-In Micro Air Filtration
  • Consistent Crystal Flow – No Clogging!
  • Designed for Vacuum and Positive “Turbo” Pressure Modes

Derma Genesis® customers who upgrade their existing microdermabrasion systems to the new Derma Genesis® Medical with Plug-n-Peel™ Closed Canister Microdermabrasion System, will spend less time and money while enhancing safety in the clinical environment. Plug-n-Peel™ eliminates the need to EVER have to purchase or replace gaskets, purchase or replace system filters, or install separate threaded supply and waste canisters. There are no biohazardous waste particles to come into contact with and no messy containers or tubes to connect. Plug-n-Peel™ contains a built-in handle for easy installation and removal. Just Plug-n-Peel!™

GEN-WEB-008 Rev 2019-0304