Success Stories

Client Satisfaction

“In this day and age, people don’t have time but want the results. With DermaFrac™ they get both! Clients can tell a difference after one treatment – the skin looks smooth, texture is better, there are minimal lines, dark spots are lighter, and skin is brighter and feels tighter. Clients always buy a package after seeing how great their skin looks.”

– Mary Reed
Esteem Skin Clinic
Oklahoma City, OK

Continued Skin Improvement

“What do I like best about DermaFrac™? The ease of use! Serum options! Rejuvenate gives the skin an immediate ‘Botox-like’ effect and is a client favorite. The new Growth Factor Rejuvenating Complex with the added mask gives skin great rebuilding properties. Hydrate with hyaluronic acid is a must for the winter months in my area. Clients like the immediate difference in their skin but, most of all, they like the continued improvement they see months after completing their series.”

– Christina Cobb
Advanced Skin Care, Spa & Wellness
Chester, VT

Top Service Treatment

“DermaFrac™ is one of our top service treatments. It is a very effective, pain-free, and easy-to-use treatment in achieving beautiful skin. Most of our clients have a more mature skin (ages 50-65) and now they see a plumper, smoother, more refined skin texture. Lines are less visible and the treatment is cumulative in that they also see their skin changing days after. Packages are always recommended and are usually purchased, thus a great ROI! One very popular treatment is what we call The Ultimate which is microdermabrasion, DermaFrac™ & LED treatment all in one session… fabulous! DermaFrac™ has been an extremely positive addition to our services.”

– Cynthia Kretschmar
Face2Face Skincare & Makeup Studio
Roseville, MN

Practice Building

“I have personally done the DermaFrac™ procedure on over 800 patients. Initially, DermaFrac™ helped build our practice with the simplicity and support it offered. The patient pool built up and we became more and more popular integrating DermaFrac™ along with PRP and Peels. Most patients see immediate results in texture and “glow” and we are certain to show them the before-and-after pictures with a multitude of noticeable changes. Treating aging skin… has been rapid, effective and very satisfying to our patients.”

– Vincent Nacouzi, MD
Raleigh Botox and Laser Center, PC
Raleigh, NC

Predictable Results, Preferable to a Pen

“We perform an average of 25-30 DermaFrac™ treatments per week in our practice, and almost every patient commits to a monthly regimen including DermaFrac™ and exfoliation. We love the peptide solution to give maximum anti-aging results for our patients. They notice a difference in the firmness and texture of their skin after the first treatment. DermaFrac™ is very easy to use, very predictable in results and I love the simultaneous infusion of serum. Having previously used a pen, I find DermaFrac™ to be not only less messy and less involved, but a better experience for the patient as well.”

– Melissa Rogne
Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic
Fargo, ND